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With EXALT, PEUGEOT unveils its imposing vision of the sedan by following the approach initiated in 2012 with the Onyx concept. EXALT aims to please the senses.



EXALT chooses to be radical by deleting all superfluous materials, keeping only what is really useful. Its specification comprises materials from the melding of cultures and French and Chinese know-how. Each one of the materials used has been rigorously selected for their efficiency.


The PEUGEOT i-Cockpit delivers an intense driving experience dedicated to enjoyment. The dashboard  is composed of nine Toggles Switchesevocative in their design of the world of music. the driver is free to associate Toggle Switches with functions, as desired: access to navigation with a particular switch, vehicle settings with another, etc. an innovative air treatment system called Pure Blue permits to  the occupants travel in a purified environment.



PEUGEOT EXALT uses HYbrid4 technology which adapts to the driver’s wishes by selecting the most suitable mode: pure electric, petrol only, petrol-electric hybrid. The driver feels the intensity of the journey, enjoying PEUGEOT’s know-how in road performance.



With its sleek and athletic lines, EXALT embodies the power of PEUGEOT design. This innovative design characterized by a straight line and the materials seection unveils an imposing vision of the sedan. The historical wink integrated in the EXALT's conception reinforce the brand signature.



PEUGEOT EXALT provides exceptional versatility for a sedan.PEUGEOT EXALT, is athletic, powerful and sleek incorporating original materials. Its cabin trimmed in natural materials is dedicated to comfort and instinctive driving.

 One of a kind, it reinterprets the historical codes that make up automobile passion: taut and dynamic lines, a high waist line, a raked windscreen, a low roof (just 1.31m), a very slender profile that conceals a cabin that is still spacious.